Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Block(ing) Part

IMG_4327 by kbshee
IMG_4327, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

Sorry if this picture makes you a bit dizzy and seasick--the perspective is really odd.

But anyway--I finished both the entrelac scarf and the color affliction (at the top).

Entrelac blocked out nicely.

Color Affliction--meh. Not sure why everyone is so crazy about this scarf/shawl. I'm just not a big fan of knitting 400+ stitches at the end (which is what happens, once I figured it out). I blocked the scarf by folding it in half and then blocking it out evenly. It is a crescent scarf, I think, so I think I messed up the shape by my blocking but not sure I care.

I like how it looks (I'll show you soon) and keep in mind that it is inside out and looks better rightside out. I just didn't have fun knitting it. I made a bad yarn choice (Elann Kid Something--very difficult to work with) and then, well, you know how I feel about all those stitches at the end. i also thought the colors--pink and blue--would show up better with the black (they don't).

But it is light as a feather, which I do like.

How are you?


zippiknits...sometimes said...

I love the way you used the entrelac scarf in the header. The shawl will look great with a black or red dress, what you think?

I'm making lots of progress with the two sweaters. Happy Fourth, Kim.

KSD said...

I am fine, thank you, except for THIS BLOODY HEAT.

Sorry the Color Affliction didn't turn out as you had hoped. Think you'll ever try another?