Monday, July 09, 2012

Fun in the Sun

No knitting content today, sorry, because of a busy weekend in the sun. It seems like summer has finally arrived and we've been enjoying it. I pulled weeds on Saturday after a long walk with Tim and Pilot and then we went out for dinner Saturday night with our friends Steve and Jen. We took the Miata with the top down (finally). Yesterday we did a float trip with Steve and Jen and their kids. They have a raft, and we took the maiden river voyage of our inflatable kayak. Our first attempt with the inflatable was less than successful, so I'm not sure why we thought going from a bad experience on the canoe canal to a trip down the Willamette River with rapids (OK, they're all class 1 with maybe one or two weak weak weak class 2s) was a good idea. But it went well. We probably did about 4 miles in a bit over two hours, we handled the rapids well once we figured out how to not get turned around backwards (that will get your heart pounding) and we had fun. Today I cleaned my closet and did some work, and I'm feeling a bit more in control and verging on back to normal.

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