Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back to the Socks!

I took a bit of a sock hiatus this summer, didn't I? But here's the
status of the newest one, one down, one to go.

Classes started this week, bringing along the regular craziness. At
our back to school retreat, my dean asked each person to name one goal
for this year. My goal: to next year only have one goal.
And I don't think people thought I was being snarky. Well, I'm sure
some did.

I'm almost done with the Hiro, and I realized I'll need a something
else to start. I'll have to return to my summer list, but I think I'll
focus on knitting hats, gloves and socks for a while--small projects
using complex techniques. I think that would make me happy.


kathy b said...

Ohhh complex different we are! Your socks are striped beautifully in the image

KSD said...

I wouldn't have thought you were snarky. If I had had to answer after you, I'd've said, "My goal is to be more like Kim."