Sunday, October 07, 2012

10 Things We (Sorta) Know About Comet

Our new dog, Comet, is (like most shelter dogs) a bit of a mystery. But here is what we know: 1. She was transferred from a shelter in Cottage Grove, Oregon, and had a 'friend' named Boo Boo who may have been her son or the father of her pups. 2. She's had at least one litter, and we think she might have had several. She may have been a puppy mill puppy. 3. She is between 1 and 4 years old (she was estimated at 1 when she came into the shelter, after the spay that number was revised. Apparently when they spay a dog they can tell from the internal organs how may times she went into heat). (They meaning vets). 4. She weighs about 25 pounds, and she is a bit underweight. 5. Even though she isn't a puppy, she has a sweet puppy face. 6. She loves to snuggle. 7. She is generous with puppy kisses. 8. She is black with a white dot on her neck and a larger white mark on her chest. 9. Her feet are black and white. 10. While we do not have personal evidence of this, there is a note in her file that says she doesn't mind having her nails trimmed. We are looking forward to learning more about her. She's not feeling well--she had diarrhea four times last night (and threw up twice) but who can blame her? She hung out and watched the Ducks with us last night and that was wonderful bonding time. We hope to have more of that.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

What a great name! Comet sounds like an amazing new friend. You both are so wonderful for saving another little being so soon. This is a sweet adoption story, and we loved reading it.

Likely Comet's very excited; I'm sure her tummy will settle down after all the meds are well out of her system and the excitement of a new forever home are taken in by her. Bless you all!