Monday, May 27, 2013

Quick quick quick!

1. Happy Memorial Day!
2. Brr--after three weeks of summer weather here in Oregon, winter is back with a nasty rain (which is OK--we are SO SO SO dry here that we need the rain). But unexpected it is.
3. Did you ever find something you knit once and thought "I'd like another one of those" but then you cannot find the pattern anywhere? So you're vamping on it?
4. That is what this is:
5. Did I mention: Brr?
6. The Slanty Rainbow Cowl (see previous post) seems to be the favorite of the three I've put up lately. I'd love to see your FOs of your Slanties! Send them to me via Ravelry please or leave a comment with your blog name and I'll get in touch with how to send them to me.

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