Friday, May 24, 2013

Slanty Rainbow Cowl

IMG_0479 by kbshee
IMG_0479, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.
Got leftover sock yarn? Or mini skeins that aren't going to get Hexipuffed anytime soon? Here is a quick and easy cowl pattern (knit flat then joined) that highlights your beautiful leftovers!

35 yards (8 or 9 grams) of seven different colors of sock yarn (shown in the picture is a group of yarns I purchased from Yarntini a long time ago).

The scarf above has:
Color A: Pink
Color B: Dark Rose
Color C: Orange
Color D: Yellow
Color E: Green
Color F: Light blue
Color G: Dark blue

Needle sized 2

Gauge: 28 stitches=4 inches in diagonal stripe pattern. This is 28 stitches measured on the diagonal. See instructions for more details.

Slanty Stitch pattern:
Row 1 (rs), K1, kfb, k to last three stitches, k2tog, k
Row 2 (ws) Purl

Using either a long tail cast on (if you don't mind a seam) or a provisional cast on, cast on 35 stitches with Color A.

Here is the pattern with color changes, working in the slanty stitch:

Row 1+2: Color A
Row 3+4: Color B
Row 5+6: Color A
Row 7+8: Color B
Row 9+10: Color A
Row 11+12: Color B
(repeat 1-12 once)

Row 13+14: Color C
Row 15+ 16: Color B
Row 17+18: Color C
Row 19+20: Color B
Row 21+22: Color C
Row 23+24: Color B

(repeat 13-24 once)

Row 25+26: Color C
Row 27 +28: Color D
Row 29+30: Color C
Row 31+32: Color D
Row 33+34: Color C
Row 35+36: Color D

repeat 25-36 once)

Row 37+38: Color E
Row 39+40: Color D
Row 41+42: Color E
Row 43+44: Color D
Row 45+46: Color E
Row 47+48: Color D

(repeat 37-48 once)
Row 49-50 Color E
Row 51-52 Color F
Row 53-54 Color E
Row 55-56 Color F
Row 57-58 Color E
Row 59-60 Color F
(repeat 49-60 0nce)

Row 61-62: Color G
Row 63-64 Color F
Row 65-66: Color G
Row 67-68: Color F
Row 69-70: Color G
Row 71-72: Color F

Repeat 61-72 once

Row 73-74: Color G
Row 75-76: Color A
Row 77-78: Color G
Row 79-80: Color A
Row 81-82: Color G
Row 83-84: Color A

(repeat rows 73-84)

Then do one more repeat of the whole shebang.

Steam press to flatten out, weave in ends, and then join (either seam or do kitchener stitch from provisional cast on).

Measuring across (not on the diagonal), the cowl is about 3 3/4" wide and about 55" around, so you can wear it single or double. Please note that the width does not match the knitted gauge, since the stitch pattern will result in a fabric on the bias--a diagonal stitch that is quite fetching.


KSD said...

It's beautiful! And there's ALWAYS sock yarn about.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

That's so lovely. Thank you for the patterning instructions. I've got a lot of little balls of sock yarn.