Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FO and SK

IMG_0928 by kbshee
IMG_0928, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

The FO (finished object) is the reverse engineered tank--I had a tank but not the pattern so did my best to reverse engineer it. I think it is a bit snug. But we'll see.

The SK (summer knitting) plans are taking shape. To wit:
-two infinity scarves: one the Tower of London and one a beaded scarf.
-chunk long sweater.
-legwarmers for a friend.
-finish WIPs: Romeo and an entrelac shrug.

AND: my friend Lauren suggested I knit an entire head to toe outfit out of alpaca. I'm going to research whether that is even possible (springiness issues) and will think more about it. 8 pounds of fleece winging its way to Washington State to Superior Fibers for processing!

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