Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh Noro

IMG_0995 by kbshee
IMG_0995, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.
You can suck me in.

Noro is a yarn brand that causes knitters to fall into two camps (sure, lots of yarns do this, but Noro seems to be one that everyone is either pro or con). I personally am not a big Noro fan: I have found it scratchy, filled with knots, and the colors generally are a bit too wackadoodle for me.

But I did get sucked in to buying Noro Obi, which was marketed as softer due to silk and mohair. The picture I saw for the yarn I actually bought was primarily blue and pink.

I knit the Cowl Fantastic with this yarn, since the long color repeats generally look great in this--what do you call it--welt look? Anyway---the pattern is terrific. My take away:
-not really soft
-don't like the green and gold, didn't see this in the picture
-but on the plus side, only one knot.

I like this, I'll wear this, it knit up really really fast, but oh Noro. Fool me twice.


KSD said...

Well, as twins, we must differ occasionally, I suppose. I LOVE Noro.

And this is a great little cowl.

fillyjonk said...

I tend to fall more in the "love Noro" camp. But I definitely, definitely do not love the knots. (I've seen 110 yard skeins of the stuff with THREE knots).

Pretty cowl.