Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hail to purple, hail to white!

IMG_1081 by kbshee
IMG_1081, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

My swap gifties arrived Friday in the mail (I just got mine mailed on Friday, which was a feat itself) and my swap partner, Kathy sent some wonderful surprises.

Apparently I keep no secret that I love purple, so a beautiful skein of purple yarn is much appreciated. And with a hail to purple and a hail to white, she included a Northwestern wallet (where i went to undergrad). Other surprises included leaf buttons, a stitchholder, stitch markers (not shown) and the handy yarn requirements pamphlet.

I hope my surprises delight Kathy as much as hers delighted me. And thanks to Twinster for pairing us up.


kathy b said...

Thrilled you enjoyed the goodies I sent you.
Go YOU Northwestern! can't wait to see the Purple yarn knit up

KSD said...

Kathy's a true gem. Your pairing was strictly random, but I was thrilled with it.

And all you need with the cute, cute sweater is a snappy sailor hat and a pair of tap shoes.