Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scribble cowl and an update

IMG_1087 by kbshee
IMG_1087, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

THis is a scribble cowl, using a pattern and yarn from Alchemy. There are two yarns: a lace weight mohair silk blend and yarn that is made out of twine. Yep. Twine. You knit one row of twine and three rows of laceweight and get the scribble effect with the twine. Pretty cool, a fairly easy knit. I'm not sure how it feel wearing it but we'll see.

And the skirt. I measured and it was the right length when I bound off last night. Then I tried it on and apparently it needs a good blocking (euphemism) because it ended up about six inches above my knee (measurement wise, it should have been one). So I'm going to unbind off it (is that a term?) and keep knitting. And then block. It did look cute though.


kathy b said...

It looks very interesting and FORGIVING ....who could see a skipped stitch??

KSD said...

I like it!