Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So this happened

Yes, this was taken with the scarf in the shower. I just plunked it in a cool water bath, wrung it out, and hung it up and it seems to be drying quite nicely and blocking itself. Very cool.

So *that* means I get to cast on for something new. Yesterday, I did a huge clean on my desk at home--four trips out to the recycling and one to the garbage--and now it all looks good. Hopefully I can keep it that way. But anyway, I put all the patterns I had print out recently into a file (huge file) and now I'll go through that and see what I want to cast on.

I am working my way through the sort-of-not-time-sensitive stuff for work that has piled up (theses and dissertation proposals, letters of rec, and other stuff) and doing a bit each day. Also doing a bit of cleaning up each day--yesterday was office and bedroom, today I vacuumed the floors and am going to do a bit in the living room. And I still have cards, cookies and wrapping to do but I went to the grocery store today (that counts, right?) and have all cookie ingredients in the house. My share of the cards is no longer very big so it won't take that long (famous last words, right)? It just feels great to not have a gazillion emails to deal with every day. Deep breath out!


Anonymous said...

Must be the organizing time of year. I'm putting my stash on Ravelry AND deciding which ones should be up first.

kathy b said...

I love how your skydive scarf worked up. It is beautiful.

Im casting on anew tonight too…some sock yarn has been calling my name, but the gift knits had to go first.