Thursday, December 12, 2013

Update on life in the icey north

Warning: this post will contain virtually no knitting content. Back to the wool soon!

We have lived in Eugene for 15 years, and I've been able to count the times it has snowed on one hand. In general, when these rare events happen, it snows at night or early in the morning, people freak out, the sun comes out, and the snow is melted by 3:30.

Well, not this time.

It started snowing last Friday in the early morning--by the end of the day on Friday we had 8 inches. That is a lot for a town that has (apparently) a total of six snow plows and bans rock salt. Campus closed at 2pm, and I had stocked up on a few essentials on Thursday so we would not starve.  The snow stopped around 3 or 4. Amazingly, the postman came by as did UPS. Friday was our garbage collection day, and we got a 'robo call' saying they would pick up the next day.

Then came the deep freeze--I think it got down below 0 Friday or Saturday night. We stayed home on Saturday although people were getting out of our street. The sun came out but it didn't get much about 10. Sunday, it was sunny and a bit warmer, and we ventured out---mostly because Tim was flying out Monday morning and we wanted to make sure we could get there. The streets were all snow covered, still, but it was fine getting around with 4wd.

We left Monday morning at about 6:15 to get Tim to the airport, and the hardest part was driving in the dark with the snow covering the lane markers. It barely got above 20 on Monday. Tuesday it was in the high 20s, and finally yesterday we got above freezing at about noon. The melting began--and then froze last night.

Luckily, the trip Monday morning has made me comfortable enough to drive around (cautiously) and I've watched the main streets melt off throughout the week. In a typical situation I'd probably be afraid to do that, but I'm good with it.

Today it is supposed to get up in the high 30s with rain which will either wash this all away or make a real horror show for later today and tomorrow. I've been sequestered grading today and have no plans to venture out except to add more garbage to the trash which has STILL NOT BEEN PICKED UP. Argh.

I have been knitting---but it is Tim's Christmas gift which is almost done. So no pics, sorry. Soon!


kathy b said...

Happy winter Happy gift knitting!!!!

can't wait to SEE your gift. Lovely that your hubby READS your blog!

Anonymous said...

Sounds very messy! Hope all the snow is cleared up soon.

On the other hand, that makes home time which equates to good knitting time.

kathy b said...

So glad you are safe and warm and