Monday, February 10, 2014

Ice ice baby

So here is a little weather update from our neck of the woods.

Thursday is started snowing. It was only a few inches, although North of here had a foot.  We both worked from home.
Friday is snowed a bit more, a bit wetter--we again both worked from home.  We think we had about 8 inches here--other reports say 10 inches in other parts of Eugene.Friday night the precipitation turned to ice, and we woke up Saturday to about a quarter inch on everything.

We listened on Saturday to the sounds of huge branches breaking, transformers blowing, and general havoc all around. We were fortunate to have a few flickers but nothing major in terms of outages, and we were much more fortunate than many.

We stayed home and did this:
 It is a jigsaw puzzle from the Met. Four separate puzzles that form a screen.

'The temps hovered right around 32 degrees so it just did not melt all day. Yesterday, finally, the temps got up in the upper 30s and started melting, and today it was almost 50 yet the snow has not yet melted. Tree branches and power lines are still down--the campus reports that more than 100 trees were compromised (and we love our trees here). The lot where I park had four spaces taken up by a huge fallen branch.

But we survived, and enjoyed our little family. But we were happy to get out yesterday and see that the world does still exist, happily.


KSD said...

Tim looks like he's taking the bulk of the credit for the jigsaw work. . .

rosy said...

Just managing to catch up!
My family would love this jigsaw!