Friday, April 18, 2014

Another busy week

Between work (ugh) and home updates (yay) it is another busy week. Plus we went to the Symphony last night--SCHOOL NIGHT!--and had a terrific time. But. Knitting is slowed.

I've been focused mostly on this:
It will stretch when blocked, and hopefully I'll finish this up to get some wear out of it this spring.

Home updates: our house is over 20 years old, and while lovely, is beginning that phase where things just look sort of shopworn. And other things fall apart. So far this year, we've replaced the roof and the Radarange (the original microwave that came with the house). Replacing broken things isn't that fun. We've been talking about having the formica counters replaced for years, but various things have stopped us. We both do not like granite, and other choices are pretty pricey (as is granite).  At a home show, we talked to a nice guy who does counters out of polystone--it is a composite that they fabricate based on a mold of our kitchen counters, so there's little waste. It looks like corian, is non porous, and if we burn it they can come in and sand it down and make it new again. We also bought a new black sink (very cool) that is solid all the way with the color so if (when) we scratch it the color won't change. So far, we love it all. Next: refresh the cabinets!

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KSD said...

I can't go into any room in the house that doesn't have at least one thing that needs to be repaired. Disheartening, isn't it?