Sunday, June 01, 2014

Busy week!

Last week was complicated...I never really knew what day it was and I had several student defenses. Next week is Week 10, the last week of class. I have seven defenses. Then finals week. Then graduation on Monday and then done. Yay!

A Friday afternoon meeting was cancelled, and since my brain has been so exhausted I decided to exhaust my body as well---and between Friday and Saturday I moved about 4 cubic yards of mulch over our front beds. It looks great (as opposed to weedy)....I also put down cardboard to kill the weeds and so now it is looking a bit house beautiful out there. Just a bit.

The main project this week has been the cable shawl. The top picture is where I am now. The bottom one was taken last weekend but is a better approximation of the color of the yarn.

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kathy b said...

I've been upping my walks big time this week. Moving dirt sounds much more exhausting!
love your cable