Thursday, June 19, 2014

Some updates!

It is day three of summer break for me....and that initial "OMG I have to do ten gazillion things because I'm on break!" is still with me. So to combat that, I am keeping a little list of my 'accomplishments' for every day and trying to do a little bit of work to keep my research moving along each day. The goal: to get to the end of the summer, have a lot of research in the works, and then not feel like I goofed off the whole summer.

Here is the current status of Windward:
We've been watching "True Detective" and I tend to knit on this during that show--there are sections of either lots of knitting or lots of purling, nothing complex other than the very occasional k2tog, so this is a good project for a show as intense as 'TD". However, I do sometimes have to put it down and concentrate.

I've never been a big Noro fan, but this project and the other one I did recently have me a bit more positively disposed to Noro.

In other news: I'm still doing the video and today increased the weight on my hand weights a tiny bit to get a little tougher workout, especially in the upper body. I am also walking 2-3 miles in the morning so I feel good about the exercise I am getting (and it is just day 3!).

I heard this week that I need to find a new place to board the alpacas and am visiting a new farm next Tuesday. My friends Bil and Julia are getting out of the alpaca business and focusing more on other farm animals--I'm lucky that Brownie and Atom have had such a great home for so long.

This weekend is the Black Sheep Gathering--a pretty major fiber festival here in Eugene. My new potential boarding place person (Ann) is going to be there, and I will try to meet her although we'll both be busy volunteering: me at the Info Desk and Ann at the class desk. I'm looking forward to the BSG although lordy knows I don't need any yarn right now.

So that's my update!

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kathy b said...

Happy Happy Summer Kim. I would love to see another picture of your alpacas.