Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Oh my goodness it is hot!

We are having one day of summer--it is almost 100 degrees out, but it is supposed to be back in the low 80s tomorrow. There's no humidity so all it is is very very warm but still. Hot.

This little thing was on our dining room window this morning (on the outside). 

I finished the Windward yesterday and blocked it this morning (blocked as in dunked it in water and hung it over a shower curtain rod---I'll steam it out once it cools off a bit). It looks good and I like some of the interesting geometric shaping that happened. It looks a lot better on. Next time (no there won't be a next time but whatever) I wouldn't knit the long little ends.
Finally, I tried to work on the cable shawl today but it is HOT (did I mention?) and it is merino so no. I cast on for another clapotis instead but it is really kind of too hot to knit (did I mention?).

Stay cool, friends!

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KSD said...

And here I am working with bulky weight!