Sunday, July 27, 2014


The Clapotis is heading to the home stretch--twelve rows of the 'straight' section and then I start the decreases. And I just got some new yarn for my next one (maybe the cable idea I'm thinking about?).

Today we went on a loop hike around two waterfalls. We took the dogs and they had a great time. I woke up feeling great--a few weeks ago, I'm not sure if I mentioned it here, but we went Stand Up Paddleboarding and I twisted my knee (not so long story--my feet were basically cemented to the board and Tim gave me a gentle push off and I lost my balance but didn't move my feet and well, yeah, twisted knee). It has been given me trouble off and on (hurting in different places) but I can put weigh ton it, there's only a teeny bit of swelling, no bruising (meaning I'm pretty sure I didn't 'blow out my knee'). So today I woke up and it felt terrific.

I made the mistake of not wearing hiking shoes so the knee got a little twisted again and I lost my footing and slipped down some rocks so I might have undone all the healing but it actually feels OK this afternoon. Tomorrow will tell.

How was your weekend?

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