Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thorntower and Cats

The back of Thorntower is complete:

I was in a panic because I am very sure I didn't order enough yarn for this....so yesterday I posted a desperate plea on Rav and sent email to the dozen or so shops that carry the yarn looking for the right dyelot. And guess where I found some--the UK! So that yarn, which prides itself on being American sheep and milled in America, is coming to me from London.

Jessie the cat had a vet appointment and the vet fears she has a food allergy. Luckily (or not!) there's a vet allergist in Eugene, so I'll call and get an appointment for her. Argh!


rosy said...

you could have come to collect it . . . we could have had a coffee :)

Kim in Oregon said...

Oh Rosy that would have been delightful! Maybe next time I need yarn!

kathy b said...

we'll at least its just coming from across the pond