Friday, August 22, 2014

Button, button, who has the button?

I have the buttons!
I made great strides on the collar of the cable sweater yesterday: I have two short rows and then three rows of the whole thing and then the bind off. The bind off will take a while since I'll probably do the sewn bind off on it but my guess is that by the end of the weekend I'll be done with the sweater. Tim is out of town and I have Fitcarraldo on DVD so I should have some good knitting time.

I love picking out buttons. There is this wonderful store in Eugene called Mindy's Needlepoint Store and she stocks lots and lots of buttons, all in little tubes with a button on the stopper of the tube. The tubes are all stacked in cubby holes. There have to be hundreds of different buttons, and she has them all very well organized but it is sort of like finding a needle in a haystack. For example, I wanted some light tan leather buttons but when I found the leather button cubby, she didn't have the color I wanted. Sad face.

So I have two choices. The ones on the left look like rolled paper and, on closer inspection, are really more like a bead than a button. I can probably turn it into a button but hmm. The ones on the right are metal ones with a celtic knot, which I will probably go with. They're nice and light and will look perfect.


Angel The Alien said...

I love interesting buttons! But I do not know how to sew, so I can't really do much with them besides look at them and think, "Neat button!"

kathy b said...

Beautiful buttons!! i love all things blue