Thursday, August 28, 2014

If I was in the UK, I'd be feeling "chuffed"

I think I'd be feeling chuffed--maybe my Internet Amiga Rosy can tell me--doesn't it mean you're proud of yourself?

Anyway--my goal this summer has been to get my knitting stuff organized.

I cleaned out project bags over the weekend, and had one left--the big bag where the needles and affiliated crap all lived. So I bought a Namaster organizer and put the circs in there, and put all the straights in a needle quiver I made a long time ago. In the process, I found a little pink Namaste tool case and an amazing skein of pink silk fingering yarn. And lots and lots of straight needles.

I have been THAT PERSON who needs a needle and can't deal with the mes so just buys a new one. NO LONGER MY FRIENDS. Well, unless it is a size 5 circ. I have none of those.

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Rosy said...

Ooh! lots to say about being chuffed ~ but sadly at work now and busy over weekend with lovely lovely visitors ~ will respond properly soon xx