Sunday, September 28, 2014

Colubrida and Prolix

Doesn't that sound like a novel? Perhaps a Margaret Atwood novel?

Anyway, I finished Colubrida yesterday. I realize I have called this project several different incorrect names including Columbria and probably Colubria. Anyway, a Colubrida is some type of snake.

But I finished it, took a photo of it in the sun, and am now blocking it in the fog:

I need to go adjust the blocking to make it a bit more crescent-like. The bottom color is very close to the real color.

I also started and finished first of a pair of Prolix Mitts from the book "Knockout Knits" that I'm doing as part of the Loopy Academy.

Worsted weight yarn + dropped stitches = fast project.

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Anonymous said...

The title reminds me of Shakespeare. Congrats on the finishes!