Monday, September 15, 2014

I have no idea how this will look when it is finished

You know, I love items with different and/or unusual construction. It takes a level of faith that is a big leap for me to take. Like the first time I knit socks on two circs--the instructions were written so it was impossible to visualize what would happen but someone told me " just follow the instructions and you'll be fine" and I did and I was.

I love the color changes in this.I'm using Mini Mochi in a long color change, sort of a gradient, and a black.


Anonymous said...

Pretty color combo.

kathy b said...

WOw. THat would make a great TRAP combo too. THanks for the thought provoking post

KSD said...

That is a twinnie thing. I love asymmetry, any sort of unusual construction.