Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Right on Time

It started raining last night--so fall is definitely here (the calendar agrees).

Usually the fall rains (that lead into winter rains, that then turn into spring rains) don't start til about the middle of October. We'll probably have some warm, dry and sunny days but I think it is pretty safe to say that we're definitely done with summer. We took the dogs for a walk this morning (two miles instead of our usual longer walk) and we got pretty soaked--luckily it is not too cold. I always wonder why we don't continue our long summer walks into the fall and winter but this morning I realized why: 1. cold. 2. dark.

I'm going to make eggplant parm today with eggplants from last week's CS box...that's a pretty fall-y thing, right?

And in the good news department, one of my PhD advisees and his wife had a baby early this morning, so welcome to the world Caroline Jack Pittman (to be known as CJ to most people, and Jack the Quack (go ducks) to me).

This is almost done:

Because the yarn is almost gone and the beads are almost gone.

Jessie cat was all cute in a cat ball yesterday but woke up when I tried to take her picture.
And was displeased.

The venison food is miraculous.


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Great news about the venison food. And about the fall weather. Lovely post! Kitty, knitting, rainy weather and a new baby!

We are hoping to get some of that rain at some point as well, and hopefully no more hurricanes dumping a eighth of an inch of rain in five minutes, either.

Knit on to Winter!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwww..such a sweet kitty face. Shelby usually sleeps all stretched out. But, it's usually warm in our house. Maybe when it is colder she will "ball up".

KSD said...

Eggplant Parm is your nephew Briton's favorite. Next time, ship some this way. . .