Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just sayin'

It is Saturday morning, barely 9:30 am, and so far today we have walked the dogs a bit over three miles, put a pot of chili on the stove, had breakfast and read the paper, did some light weight lifting, and put this scarf into the sink for a good soak pre-blocking. I think this will take a couple blocks but we'll see.
This is the beanstalk scarf that has a lot of little beads added in using the tiny little crochet hook method. It was actually kind of enjoyable, although I did forget to do the decreases  The scarf is 35 stitches wide and every RS row has a bead places with a yo on either side, and then some type of three stitch decrease later on in the row. So forgetting one decrease leaves you two stitches too many, two decreases four, etcetera. I figured out a way to catch up without frogging, but k4together isn't a big bunch of fun.
I had a busy week this week, and next week will be busier but then perhaps I'll have some time to breathe. Two weeks of class are done, I'm kind of in the groove, and getting some papers done (I'm working with a great grad student who wants to do lots of papers, and he's fun to work with, so there's that).

Today: Duck game at 12:30 and then not sure what else. It is rainy but yeah, it's Oregon in the fall. Hope your day and weekend is terrific!

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kathy b said...

You accomplish so much in the morning. Im more of an evening person. LOVE the lace work.
Glad you have knit time today

KSD said...

Oh, I've had to do those knit-way-too-many-together so things will even out before. I guess be happy that it wasn't K4tog TBL?