Saturday, October 18, 2014

Small miracles

Well, the long week continued long but here it is Saturday, and we're at a better place.

Stella has adapted to spending nights in a crate, and is using the litter box in her crate. She also is starting to use the litter box outside the crate during the day. This is incredibly good news. It has only been a few days but we're guardedly hopeful that this might continue.

Jessie's appetite is returning--we were back at the vet on Thursday and she had not lost any weight since Monday. I caught her this morning eating at the dry food bowl, so that is terrific.

I've had a sleepless night and a busy week on top of it so this weekend we're relaxing.

I cast on for these on Thursday, just because: The Viking Socks:

I knit the cuff in a 1/1 rib and then realized it needed to be a 2/2/ rib--really needed to, since the cable pattern flows from the ribbing: if you are on Rav, the pattern is here: .

The yarn is Wollmeise and is a bit more teal than shows here but a very nice and saturated color.

We went to the Symphony Thursday night for a Beethoven-Shostakovich program that was quite wonderful. Last night we had drinks with a good friend and alum of my school, had a great catch up and yummy appetizers.

We are looking forward to a calm and quiet weekend, hope you are too! Go Ducks!

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kathy b said...

So happy to hear the cats are better!!!
That was a quite a scare