Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold and Rainy


It is cold and rainy here---our usual rainy season starts in October but came in a month late this year. In fact, I've been able to keep up my 4 mile walks with the dogs on Tuesday and Thursday at 7am until today, when it was just too wet to go. We eventually got out around 10:00 or so in a little break in the weather.

I'm a bit further along on Arwen than I thought I was,and only have the hood left of one side and the back. The back is maybe 25% done is all stockinette. So that should get wrapped up pretty quickly--I guess the fronts will be done in a week or so, and the back will eventually get done.

I took Jessie cat to the vet today for her weigh in, and she's gained a pound in two weeks. So that means we've basically figured out why she wasn't eating--she didn't like her food. Oh well. Our vet says it is a good sign her skin allergy hasn't come back but we need to be two months clear to make sure that the food is OK for her. So that gives us to about the first of the new year to be out of the woods.

Our grad students are probably going to go on strike, either the last week of classes ("Dead Week" which is anything but Dead) or finals week. Just another fun thing to tear the campus apart!

Hope you are warm and dry!

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kathy b said...

Cats....the can be a puzzle eh? I have the humidifier going in the foster kitten room for their little stuffy sneezy noses