Sunday, November 16, 2014


As I think I mentioned earlier, there wasn't anything really enticing me to knit so I was feeling a bit at loose ends, knitting wise (HAHA loose ends).

But things have changed...mostly because I feel confident Arwen will be done by Thanksgiving and that's good! I have three shawls on the needles (I'll get to them eventually), a pair of mindless socks, those cable socks, and Tim's Christmas present. But I also plan to knit up these beauties:

This is going to be Vivienne, in Kidsilk Haze Glamour which is the one with little sequins.

This is going to be Clapo-ktus.

I also bought a bunch of Silky Wool XL on sale at Little Knits, and a book that has some gorgeous patterns for both Silky Wool and Silky Wool XL. I'll probably do another cable sweater (and who designs more beautiful ones than Elsebeth Lavold?) with that yarn.

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KSD said...

That Clapo-ktus looks like it would blow away in a light breeze. . .