Monday, December 15, 2014

Fall term in the books

Well, kinda. Three prospectuses are still not turned in but I'm fine with that..the students are working on them, they are a bit challenging, and they'll get them done. Grades are turned in and now the holidays can begin! Holidays in terms of cleaning and getting ready for next term, and a bit of knitting and reading.

Somehow I missed the whole pom pom yarn period of knitting history, which isn't a surprise. However, I was looking around for cute and fast baby gifts and I found a baby blanket made with pom pom yarn. Someone posted that the yarn was incredibly soft and babies love it. So I found some on ebay and started this blanket. It is kind of fun to watch it grow so fast. This is one ball, and it barely fits on a 24" circular needle. There's a bit of treachery with this yarn as it falls off the needle very easily and is almost impossible (oh let's just say, it is impossible) to get it back on once it has fallen off. Thus, this was knit three times, the third time I added in lifelines and now feel better. Anyway, this is a gift for the daughter and son-in-law of a colleague I work wtih--theydon't know the gender, so this should hopefully work.

Holiday crafts around our house:

Tim's mom did this old fashioned Santa in counted cross stitch, it is really beautiful and has a place of honor in our hall.

I did this one before I took up knitting, it is a Mary Engelbreit pattern and makes me happy.

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KSD said...

I didn't know you cross-stitched. . . It was all I did until wanting to learn to knit. My stocking is sort of Engelbreit-ish.