Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday decorations

Lots of people I follow online are posting pictures of their holiday houses. We do a bit of decorating but have always been kind of circumspect about it because of whatever animals we have at the time. As a result, I realized, we end up decorating around the ceiling a bit.

This Santa was bought in Rugby, Tennessee, and I absolutely adore it. It hangs in the entry to our living room.

Mrs. Santa was a gift from my Mom, and hangs in the entry hall. And to give you an idea of the grand size of our home, Mrs. Santa hangs about five feet from Santa.

We collect sleigh bells from Wallace silversmiths (one for every Christmas we've been married) and Tim created a beautiful display for them in the window of our little 'cozy room':
Tomorrow: holiday crafts.


KSD said...

The bells are gorgeous.

Kim in Oregon said...

Twinster, have you been to Rugby? You'd enjoy it.