Tuesday, December 02, 2014

New Project

I'm a big fan of Elsebeth Lavold. I think she's an incredible designer and I love that she is capturing ancient art and symbols into knitting patterns. I have a few of her books and now kind of want to buy them all (I got one on sale at the late great elann.com).

I cast on for Herkja:

This is the back--it is a basketweave pattern which isn't my favorite but if Elsebeth wants it, it will be done. You can see on the Rav link that there's a gorgeous cable in the front too, so that's my treat. The yarn is Silky Wool XL is a nice navy, bought on sale at Little Knits. I haven't knit with this yarn--I've knit with the regular silky wool--and so far like it very much.

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