Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ten on Tuesday--because I'm Happy!

The theme is things that make you happy, which I need today since I feel woefully, woefully behind with everything. Argh!

1. My best friend who is also, happily, my husband.
2. Our dogs, Pilot and Comet, who do something nutty every day to make me happy.
3. Fires in the fireplace (where they belong).
4. Yarn arriving in the mail.
5. Seeing FB posts from former students getting married, having babies.
6. A good night's sleep (elusive this week).
7. The ocean.
8. The sky in the spring.
9. When students 'get it'
10. A not-put-downable book (see #6). Suggestions?


KSD said...

"The Reason I Jump." You'll finish it in one sitting.

Anonymous said...

"The Cellist of Sarajevo" was one of my favorites.

Rachel said...

I was going to ask what book it was but I think you answered that in the comments. Great list...I signed up for 'Hibernate' this year which is a month long and that was the first thing we did. A winter wellness recipe that listed all the things that made us feel amazing and then you try to make sure you incorporate a few each day into your life. Good exercise for me actually.

and no suggestions on sleep versus read! i did that last night and stayed up almost 2 hours past when I should have been in bed. thus, the slow morning this morning!