Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Ways to Make Winter Less Bleak

Inspired by Carole Knits I'm going to do ten on Tuesdays this year--and today is ten ways to make winter less bleak.

1. Walk. I know I'm lucky in that it is rarely below freezing here, but often days are foggy and wet and it makes it hard to walk. Get out there and walk! A brisk walk will warm up your body and your soul.

2. Walk with blinky lights. I wear a blinky bicycle light strapped to my arm when I walk in the dark and/or fog. I got the light at the local variety store (do other places still have them??) for less than $3 for the light, strap, and batteries. Voila--walking holiday light display!

3. Try a new fun tea. I buy peppermint teas around Christmas and keep that pepperminty feeling going all winter.

4. Use your Christmas cards to make a wreath. This is a terrific recycling project, from Mollie Makes.

5. Before you cut up the cards, read them again. Is there someone who you should drop a follow up note/email to? It is always a good feeling to be in touch even post-holiday.

6. Speaking of Mollie Makes--if you aren't familiar with that website, spend some time looking at the fun projects there. It is simply a happy website.

7. Have some fun things set aside in case you are snowed (or more likely here, iced) in. I have a round jigsaw puzzle (DH and I like to do them when we're stuck), and also two needle felted sheep projects that I bought at a sale from Noble Knits.

8. Leave up your front door decoration (change out the red ribbon or bow if it feels to Christmassy). Hang or place some of your favorite ornaments around the house. We have a beautiful blown egg ornament hanging in our kitchen pass through.

9. Take a long, hot bubble bath. With candles if you wish.

10. Track how each morning gets brighter a bit earlier and each evening comes a few minutes later. Step outside and take a deep breath and enjoy the coming of the longer day.  Think how lucky we are to live on this earth.

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