Saturday, February 07, 2015

Because let's cast on for all the things

This is the start of a tube scarf (it is the one on the front page of Rav, only in dark colors). I'm certain I won't have enough yarn for it but I love how it looks. And I'm vamping on the pattern a bit.


Liz said...

this is beautiful !! I went straight to Rav, and found it on the front page.....but they don't mention the pattern name, and I didn't see it when I searched on Tube Scarf. Could you mention the actual pattern, pretty please ? I have a huge case of startitis right now, LOL

Kim in Oregon said...

Hi Liz--it is the Kantha Cowl (sorry about that). There was a thread somewhere that named it. Hope that helps. Let me know if you can't find it.