Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sunday Catch Up

My posts for the past few weeks have been sort of---oh I don't know--short?
So let's have a lot of catch up as we Rabbit Rabbit our way into a New Month.

First, the obligatory "where did January go" post. We are having a very warm and dry winter. It is nice, but we need and I miss the rain--it is raining now but total anticipated rain is not great. The snowpack is tiny. Not good for a region that gets most of its electricity from water.

Second, a more in focus picture of the socks from yesterday.

Third, we've been watching "The Hollow Crown" which is BBC productions of Shakespeare's histories starring people you see on Tv all the time. Last weekend it was Richard the Second with a guy from "The Hour" and Jean-Luc Picard. Last night we watched Henry IV part 1, the one with Hotspur. Jeremy Irons was the title character, and Lady Mary was Mrs. Hotspur (or I guess lady Hotspur). I think Prince Hal was someone famous (Tom Hiddleston?He was in all these movies that I didn't see: Thor, Marvel Avengers, Muppets mOst Wanted? Is he Thor? I don't know. He was very good). Falstaff was excellent. Anyway, good programming, next up is (wait for it) Henry IV part 2, in which Doris feels her oats (kidding).

During H4p1 I knit on this:

This is the Elsebeth Lavold sweater. Here's a closeup of the cable pattern (it is 32 rows of fun).

Turn your head to the side, please.

Super Bowl Sunday, my Sort of Knitting Anniversary, and Tim is making ribs in the smoker. I will contribute my 'famous' "Rich and Charlie's" salad. Rich and Charlie's was a pasta restaurant in my home town of St. Louis--they made a salad called the R&C salad. Now they are the Pasta House and I think it is the Pasta House salad, I was at a restaurant in Eugene years ago and on the menu was a
St. Louis Chopped Salad. So it is basically:

Romaine-2 cans of artichoke hearts-1 can of hearts of palm-chopped up red onion-jar of pimento.

Mix it all together. The dressing is one part olive oil to one part taragon vinegar, and then you dump Kraft Parm in a cylinder into the dressing to thicken it up. Pour on salad, toss, and let it marinate for an hour. Yum.

I've been working a lot, lots of revise and resubmits and a new book proposal in.

I'm reading "Jackaby" ("Sherlocks" meets "Dr. Who") and just purchased "The Great Zoo of China" which is "Jurassic Park" meets "The dragon parts of Game of Thrones" (I made that up). Looking forward to that.

So have I rambled on enough?

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