Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sunday Catch up

We are having a 'Weather Event' this weekend, the infamous "Atmospheric River" which used to be called the "Pineapple Express." Or to say another way, lots of rain.

It is freakishly warm as well here. So we've been having out and reading and knitting (well me, not Tim) and working and just being still. That's nice.

I finished #1 of these guys:

I will start casting on for the second one with hopes I can do a 'sort of matching', that is, starting with the toe in light blue and seeing how it goes from there.

We watched "Henry IV part 2", part of the Hollow Crown series last night, and it was good. I'll miss Falstaff (who I kept calling Flagstaff in my head). 

Other than that pretty quiet here. Hope the same for you.

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KSD said...

I really like the single black stripe in the cream.