Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ten Things I'm Looking Forward to Right Now

Ten on Tuesday--the anticipation edition.

I feel a bit guilty because we aren't covered in snow and it's not freezing cold--we've had April weather through most of January and February. I kind of miss the winter thing but not the snow and ice thing. Anyway, that doesn't mean I don't have a lot to anticipate!

1. Winter term is winding down--three weeks left of 'teaching', one week of presentations, then I'm done for the term.  I like my class but they are up and down in terms of their preparation.
2. Spring term I'll have one class that I'm very excited for (Digital History and Theory) and one class that I've taught before and should be small and OK (advanced account management). The term should go fast.
3. I'm going to Chicago over spring break for a conference, seeing my good friend and former advisee Kati (we're presenting together) and also my buddies from Australia (and everyone else at the conference).
4. July=New Zealand and I can't wait.
5. Summer. Well, every faculty member looks forward to summer, but I have two fun projects that I'im working on and that should be fun.
6. Three month sabbatical next year (if it gets approved) to finish up the fun summer projects.
7. Long term anticipation: building our house on the coast.
8. Short term anticipation: watching the new "Better Call Saul".
9. I always hope for a good night's sleep, don't always get it.
10. Oh what the heck, my birthday is in two months so I'll just end with that. And yarn. I always anticipate yarn.

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