Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: gulp

Today's Ten on Tuesday is ten favorite sandwiches.

I'm not a big sandwich person (this is becoming a theme!) but here are sandwiches I like:
1. A tuna melt
2. A patty melt
3. A BLT
4. A club sandwich
5. Chicken on a panini
6. A crab melt (just remembered last week I said I didn't like cheese. On a melt, I like cheese).
7. BLT with avocado
8. Big Town Hero does something with turkey, avocado and cranberries, yes?
9. Meatball sandwich
10. French dip

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Non knitting content...

..but something very cool to share.

Sometime last summer, on some board about Project Runway (I really don't recall the details)...Tim Gunn announced he was writing a book on teaching and mentoring and wanted some 'real life' stories. I sent one in, and promptly forgot about it. I got an email last week from a publicist saying "Tim is using your story and wants to send you a book, what's your mailing address" and then this arrived last week. My story is on page 4. PAGE 4!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Soooooo slooowwwwww

Even with the decreases, this is sooo slowwww.

I do love how Moss Stitch looks, and I do love how it hides flaws, but man it is sooo slowwwwwww. It is the molasses of knitting.

The cables look good, though.

And in other news: Jessie Cat checks out the newly painted bathroom and lives to tell the tale:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Knitting Magic

Well, not exactly magic, but here is a tip to make many of your knitted pieces look great. And the tip is:

Applied I-Cord

I put it around the armholes, along the bottom, and along the neckline to give this a bit more shape and to stop stuff from rolling. I love how it looks!

There are several good tutorials online so check them out and try it!

Ten on Tuesday: Cheese

The proposed ten on  Tuesday is your ten favorite kinds of cheese.

I'm not a big fan. I've never been a huge fan (perhaps because I was raised in a home where cheese=Kraft American Singles).  We never ate "Blue Box" (ie Kraft Macaroni and Cheese) and when I worked in advertising, I worked on Velveeta Shells and Cheese which is...well, Colby, Swiss and Cheddar, Blended all Together but ick.

I do like brie, I do like a nice melty gruyere, I do like swiss, and I'm fine with cheddar but the stinky cheeses-no thank you.

I worked yesterday morning and then took some spring break time in the afternoon and read. It was a rainy day so that seemed to be a perfect thing to do.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Socks x 2

Two pairs of socks are on the needles. First is the 'mindless' socks that I knit while reading, the yarn is  from String Theory:
 The second pair are the Legolas socks. These are actually quite fun but a bit complex so I haven't worked on them as much as I should..maybe I'll take them for the trip to Chicago. There is a cable pattern (on the top of the sock that you see here) that twists around the leg, so it is somewhat impossible to photograph well. I have no clue what the yarn is but it is blue and soft and kind fragile (oops).

Saturday, March 21, 2015


I've finished one repeat (63 rows) and have six more to go. 
I really like this pattern--the chart is well written, the pattern makes clear sense, and I'm looking forward to finishing the 'second' repeat to see how it all fits together.
The yarn is Rowan Cotton Cashmere or something. I'll check and let you know.
This is the start of spring break. I head out next Thursday to a conference in Chicago for a quick 48 visit, where hopefully I'll see my former student and good friend Kati, and deliver the little blue cardigan in person on Friday. Kati is planning to be induced on the Monday after the conference, so this is just in time! She'll be taking the train from Milwaukee for one night. 
Today we did a bit of Spring cleaning and home improvement. Tim is busy painting the guest room and I cleaned out Stella the cat's sleeping crate (yes, one of our cat sleeps in a crate), vacuumed, put away laundry, and washed the ice maker. Now I'm going to read for a bit. :-)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Visual Evidence

I think the deer have been avoiding my neck of the woods, because there are a bunch of tulips ready to burst. I took pictures just because you never know when the deer will return.

Five on Friday: Five Things Always in My Purse

What five things do I always have in the purse I'm carrying?
1. My wallet
2. Keys
3. Jump drive
4. Reading glasses
5. Lip balm


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Almost done and getting started

This top needs applied icord around the sleeves, neck and bottom, and then ends woven in, but so far so good:

I tried it on yesterday and it looks good, although I wish I had knit it an inch longer. But hopefully with applied icord and blocking it will fit fine (the yarn is milk cotton, which might stretch a bit).

I cast on for this:
The pattern is Winterlong and I'm using Rowan Cashcotton DK that has been in the stash forever.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Last Minute Baby Sweater

Well, the buttons aren't on and it isn't blocked, but the ends are woven in (not snipped off yet) and this will be ready for a new baby boy who will be arriving a bit earlier than planned!

Hopefully his mom will be meeting me in Chicago next week, but if not I'll be sure to get this to him close to his birth data of 3/30/15.

Ten on Tuesday: The St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold List

If I had a pot of gold, what would I do with it?

1. Build the house on the coast.
2. Private plane
3-10. Use the rest to donate to worthy causes.

That was quick!

I'll be back later with some knitting pictures.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Book Review: Euphoria

Let us pause in our knitting (well, who really pauses...if you're like me, you knit and read at the same time) and while I bound off Siesta AND finished the body of the Last Minute Baby Sweater---let us pause and talk about a book.

The book is Euphoria, by Lily King. It isn't a long book at all---it is probably too long to technically be a novella but it is short for a novel. Anyway. My friend Lauren recommended it to me since she knew I loved "State of Wonder". I love this book too.

Briefly: it is a fictionalized account of a period in Margaret Mead's life when she went to New Guinea. It is in reality a story of power, love, and trying to know the unknowable. Do we choose power over love? Knowledge over power? Love over knowledge? And why are these choices that must be made?

Anyway--three anthropologists (an American, an Australian and an Englishman) intersect on the Sepik river in New Guinea where they try to answer those questions I posed in the previous paragraph (or rather, they deal with the consequences of their choices).

It is a book that will stick with me for a long time, I think.

What are you reading lately?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Quick pause

I'm almost done with the Siesta--I'll probably bind off tonight--but I'm taking a bit of time for a quick baby sweater.

My friend and former PhD student is having a baby--she has two daughters and this one will be her first boy. She and I are meeting up in Chicago at the end of March for a conference (she lives in Milwaukee). I was doing the baby blanket for her (I probably still am, to some degree) but she has just learned that she will be induced the Monday after the conference, so I'm hoping to knit a baby sweater up for her by then.

This pattern is the Last Minute Baby Sweater on Rav and of course that is the perfect descriptor for what I need right now. The yarn is Brown Sheep cotton fleece in a very appropriate baby blue. I may finish it off with a darker blue, not sure.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Coming along a bit more quickly

This one:
I really like the cabling detail and hope it looks good when it is finished!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Today's topic: 10 Things I Will Do During That Extra Hour of Light at the End of the Day.

1. Sleep better at night since it stays a bit darker in the morning.
2. Sit outside and enjoy the garden with a glass of cider.
3. Walk dogs after dinner.
4. Rendezvous with neighbors also walking dogs after dinner.
5. Not head to the couch immediately after dinner (well that's a duh).
6-10 the things I usually do, except with a bit more natural light

Tim and I had a debate last night: if we had to always be ON DST or always be OFF which would you pick? He picked ON (for later sunsets), I picked ON (for earlier sunrises).

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Mas Siesta

Entonces! Este es La Siesta!

If you compare this to Wednesday's post, you can see I've knit a bit more. What is hard to see is that the cable 'splits' and then moves diagonally down the front of the top. I think I'm about halfway done.

I need to take a picture of this in the natural light---I really don't see those stripey parts when I look at it but now--I'm worried.

Busy week this week (second to last week of the term) and next week is 'dead' week--last week of the term which is anything BUT dead.

We finished watching House of Cards Season 3 last night and it's really good. So far I think it is my favorite season. And we also watched the first episode of "American Crime". That's good too.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015


I'm enjoying both knits.

This is Siesta--it is a peachy pink color.
So you can see that the sleeves are done and I'm going to do the rest of the torso now.

This one is the front half of the sweater--it is a very baggy sweater with a cool cable and seed stitch.
You can see right now that the cable is going to be cool.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Dinner Party Edition

Today's task: invite ten fictional characters to dinner. OK go!

1. Fern Arable from Charlotte's Web...maybe grown up.
2. Jo March
3. The main character in "State of Wonder".
4-8 Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, and McGonagall
9. The guy from "HIgh Fidelty"
10. Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre, just so he could meet Pilot.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Twist your head around

And that's the front neckline of the Siesta top. It kind of looks like crap right now, sorry.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sunday Seamday

Taking a break from the seaming up of this sweater because, well, I had to do the sleeves twice (each sleeve) and so I should be almost done but I'm not. Anyway.
The shoulder seams joined.

Tim models the one-wrong-sleeve version:

And here it is with the sleeves set in correctly.
So. Many. Ends.