Saturday, March 21, 2015


I've finished one repeat (63 rows) and have six more to go. 
I really like this pattern--the chart is well written, the pattern makes clear sense, and I'm looking forward to finishing the 'second' repeat to see how it all fits together.
The yarn is Rowan Cotton Cashmere or something. I'll check and let you know.
This is the start of spring break. I head out next Thursday to a conference in Chicago for a quick 48 visit, where hopefully I'll see my former student and good friend Kati, and deliver the little blue cardigan in person on Friday. Kati is planning to be induced on the Monday after the conference, so this is just in time! She'll be taking the train from Milwaukee for one night. 
Today we did a bit of Spring cleaning and home improvement. Tim is busy painting the guest room and I cleaned out Stella the cat's sleeping crate (yes, one of our cat sleeps in a crate), vacuumed, put away laundry, and washed the ice maker. Now I'm going to read for a bit. :-)

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KSD said...

Wow; Winterlong is gorgeous!