Saturday, March 07, 2015

Mas Siesta

Entonces! Este es La Siesta!

If you compare this to Wednesday's post, you can see I've knit a bit more. What is hard to see is that the cable 'splits' and then moves diagonally down the front of the top. I think I'm about halfway done.

I need to take a picture of this in the natural light---I really don't see those stripey parts when I look at it but now--I'm worried.

Busy week this week (second to last week of the term) and next week is 'dead' week--last week of the term which is anything BUT dead.

We finished watching House of Cards Season 3 last night and it's really good. So far I think it is my favorite season. And we also watched the first episode of "American Crime". That's good too.

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rosy said...

I have never plucked up the courage to do cables! This looks vey pretty ~ lovely pastelly spring colour ~ I love it!