Saturday, March 14, 2015

Quick pause

I'm almost done with the Siesta--I'll probably bind off tonight--but I'm taking a bit of time for a quick baby sweater.

My friend and former PhD student is having a baby--she has two daughters and this one will be her first boy. She and I are meeting up in Chicago at the end of March for a conference (she lives in Milwaukee). I was doing the baby blanket for her (I probably still am, to some degree) but she has just learned that she will be induced the Monday after the conference, so I'm hoping to knit a baby sweater up for her by then.

This pattern is the Last Minute Baby Sweater on Rav and of course that is the perfect descriptor for what I need right now. The yarn is Brown Sheep cotton fleece in a very appropriate baby blue. I may finish it off with a darker blue, not sure.

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