Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: Cheese

The proposed ten on  Tuesday is your ten favorite kinds of cheese.

I'm not a big fan. I've never been a huge fan (perhaps because I was raised in a home where cheese=Kraft American Singles).  We never ate "Blue Box" (ie Kraft Macaroni and Cheese) and when I worked in advertising, I worked on Velveeta Shells and Cheese which is...well, Colby, Swiss and Cheddar, Blended all Together but ick.

I do like brie, I do like a nice melty gruyere, I do like swiss, and I'm fine with cheddar but the stinky cheeses-no thank you.

I worked yesterday morning and then took some spring break time in the afternoon and read. It was a rainy day so that seemed to be a perfect thing to do.

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elns said...

Didn't learn to like cheese until I was an adult. And now I have more calories I like that I didn't need, ha!