Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Today's topic: 10 Things I Will Do During That Extra Hour of Light at the End of the Day.

1. Sleep better at night since it stays a bit darker in the morning.
2. Sit outside and enjoy the garden with a glass of cider.
3. Walk dogs after dinner.
4. Rendezvous with neighbors also walking dogs after dinner.
5. Not head to the couch immediately after dinner (well that's a duh).
6-10 the things I usually do, except with a bit more natural light

Tim and I had a debate last night: if we had to always be ON DST or always be OFF which would you pick? He picked ON (for later sunsets), I picked ON (for earlier sunrises).


elns said...

So far I've been knitting more. Unfortunately I'm not sleeping more. Meh.

I agree with you both. I'll take on. I just hate leaving work when it looks like it's midnight.

fillyjonk said...

I hate *going to* work when it looks like midnight.

I've STILL not caught up my sleep after losing that hour this weekend....Not a fan of DST, at least not starting this early in the year.