Friday, May 22, 2015


It is the start of a holiday weekend. Tim and I both have work to do, work around the house and school work, so we'll be sticking close to home. I have some undergrad theses to read so that is what I will focus on. I also want to get some yarn for sale on Rav. And hopefully get some knitting done.

There's a hap-a-long on Ravelry in June...a hap is a smallish shawl. I forgot the part that you aren't supposed to cast on til June 1 but I'm a rebel that way. The pattern is Lionberry and the yarn is some long stashed Yartini. The yarn is quite soft, which is nice, and the pattern is a sampler type, which is fun.

I also need to finish this off:

Yes, the knitting is done on the Mandarin blouse, and I need to do some shoulder seams and some edging and well there you go!

I'm sure I'll post more this weekend, but have a great one!

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