Sunday, May 03, 2015

Weekend Recovery

Another quiet stay-at-home weekend where we recovered from another crazy week. We are halfway through Spring term and hopefully the last five weeks will speed by. We'll see.

I read "No Man's Nightengale" by Ruth Rendell, and was sad to read that Dame Ruth passed away this weekend. She was 85 and still writing wonderful mysteries. I got the book (one and perhaps maybe the last of the Inspector Wexler novels?) from the "Lucky Day" shelf of the library. At my library, you can 'reserve' books and get in line on a queue and the book gets held for you once it is your turn. There's also a 'Lucky Day' shelf where one or two copies of the 'hot new' books are placed and if one is there that you want..well, it is your Lucky Day! I love the library.

And knitting was done.

I cast on for a mindless sock, this is STR:

This is the "Mandarin Tunic" from 2006 IK: a short sleeve top from the bottom up, knit in Rowan Calmer:
AND this is a Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf scarf that my Twinster began---I"m not sure if I'm supposed to put up pictures or not, so spoiler alert! This scarf is going to five or six people who are all knitting several inches, and then we'll give the scarf to charity or someone who needs it.

It will need a good blocking. But it is cool looking.

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KSD said...

I was hoping you WOULD post pictures! It's looking pretty. . . Anxious to see your contribution.