Friday, June 26, 2015

Bad (bored) knitter

Don't judge.

I got bored with Antarktis (as I do with most things) and thought it would look just fine with maybe 20 fewer rows (maybe 40). Here it is before I blocked it:

And here it is after I dunked it in the sink and stretched it out in the shower:

Yep pretty much exactly the same so I think I will do a 'real' block with blocking pins tomorrow.


Rachel said...

This cracks me up. And of course, the perfectionist in me cringes a bit too! ;) It's funny that sometimes our life can handle miles of garter or stockinette (need it in fact) while other times, it's enough to make us lose our minds. Your Antarkis still looks good...even if it is missing a few rows! Hopefully it'll block to a useful size! Stay cool...hear it's a bit hot down that way.

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks Rachel. It is a wee bit hot but no complaints from me (thank you AC, thank you upcoming trip to New Zealand).