Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fiber related

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary--we are going to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. We exchanged little gifts with the thought that we're going away in a few weeks and might buy something special while we're away. And when I say away--we're off to New Zealand for two weeks! We're excited and kind of freaked out about everything we need to do to prepare (which really consists of making a list. A nice long list).

Today also was a special day fiber wise for me...I went to Aragon Alpacas, where Brownie and Atom live, and we bred Brownie to a male named Bubinga. After shearing, Ann had Brownie's fleece tested and hers was the softest of all the fleece she tested this year (she has a LOT of alpacas and only tests about a third or so every year). Bubinga's fleece was either third or fourth softest. So if the breeding takes, we could get an incredibly soft little cria in a year.

I wasn't a very big help with the breeding, because the alpaca can do that very well by themselves. It was kind of odd to be a 'spectator' though. Brownie did great (she was a 'maiden' meaning she isn't 'proven' yet meaning she hasn't had a baby) and they make a cute couple (although apparently Bubinga will also be bred with another maiden, so my visions of alpaca wedding bells has flown out of my head).

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