Friday, June 19, 2015

Making stuff

I've been busy trying to not be busy.

I need to do three presentations and finish the MTurk book before we leave for NZ. As of today, the presentation power points are done, and I have the notes I need to prepare the talks. I can always review on the plane. The book is at a point where I can turn over some of the work to my grad student, Matt, to pull it all together. I do need to spend a bit of time on the references..I'm thinking an hour a day is about all I can take on those.

So after a 4am panic yesterday I'm ok today. :-)

And knitting is being knit.

This is another hap--Antarktis--which is a fun knit and looks cool. This is knit with sock yarn.

And Drachenfels is OTK:

Just started, but it is actually straightforward enough to knit while reading, so that's good.

Today I read a short book, "The Daylight Wife". Very short. If it wasn't so short, I would have given up on it earlier.

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elns said...

How are you knitting, prepping for work projects and travel and ...

Whoa. out of control.

Love the shawls!