Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Today: ten things I love about my house.

1. I love that it is filled with entities that I love.
2. I love that there are two sinks in the master bath.
3. I love that I have a yarn room that Tim built for me.
4. I love that the trees make our patio shady and private.
5. I love that we can grow foxgloves easily.
6. I love how close we are to my job.
7. I love living close (one house) to a park, and that it is generally quiet at night.
8. I love the skylights.
9. I love the ceiling fans.
10. I love the artwork that we collect from our trips.


elns said...

Wow, such wonderful attributes! A yarn room?!? I tell my husband and son that is my second dream. The first is to have my own craft condo, ha!
I love your house too, can I move in? Just kidding. Have a great weekend!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

A yarn room? Wowszer! You can put a St. in front of that man's name, Ja?

kathy b said...

I love sky lights TOO!!!! I love that you enjoy your park