Saturday, June 13, 2015

Well hello there

The end of the term is always spectacularly busy, and this one was no different but had a few additional glitches that made it even more insane. Tim had his first final exam as a PhD student and so his time was very busy with that (and his full time job), I had several students finishing their honors projects very late, and then we had a visit from my two BILs and a SIL last weekend (so the weekend before was getting the house in shape, and then last weekend they were here).

And in addition, I got another grant (this is good busy) and had to get IRB stuff in pronto so the money could be released.

So yes, it has been busy but grades are in, today is Saturday, and graduation is Monday. I'm 'marshalling' the University graduation (I lead our j school graduates in the 'Duck Parade' from the center of campus to the arena where the University celebration is held) and then I'll be marshalling for our J school ceremony (where basically I do nothing). Monday will be a long day (I need to be at designated places in full ceremonial dress an hour before things start) but then, lovely summer with lots of fun research projects to work on and the promise of a sabbatical next Winter term.

I spent most of the Tuesday of finals week in the office, and it was a day when for whatever reasons people kept dropping by to give me gifts. One of my students gave me gorgeous flowers, another brought me a necklace, another some spices, it was strange and very wonderful

And there has been knitting, believe it or not. On ITTF at Rav, there's a 'hap a long' happening--a hap is a small shawl. Here is my first hap, lionberry:

This wasn't hard blocked, just soaked and stretched. It has a lot of different stitch patterns that made it fun to knit. I like those patterns with different stitch patterns. I am also working on a second one--Antarktis or something like that. It is the same type of thing with a changing up stitch pattern.

So that's my catch up.

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Rachel said...

sounds like a typical busy end to a busy semester! and wow -- you get to look forward to a sabbatical next winter. that's great!

Really lovely shawl...and can't wait to see YOUR Antarktis. I just cast on another shawl that is similar (simple garter with eyelet rows throughout) but crescent shape with more of my handspun. I may be addicted to the handspun/shawl pairing.